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Faculty & Staff

We are proud to share that there is a total of 8 faculty members and most of the time we have 3 teachers per classroom, which translate to a teacher-student ratio of 1:6 or 1:7 per classroom. Compared to the state standards, Yu Miao offers an excellent ratio among teachers and students.

Administrator Terry Yang
Terry Yang
  • Experience / Training
    • - 3 years of experience in teaching children in Taiwan
    • - 12 years of teachers training experience in Hong Kong
    • - 10 years of administrative experience in Hong Kong
    • - 7 years of Chinese teaching experience in America
  • Master degree from Hong Kong and major in Education
  • Joined Yu Miao in 2010
  • Proficient in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, and English
  • Plans for the upcoming school year
    • - Ensure open communication with parents and guardians of students
    • - Provide training for teachers
    • - Promote Chinese culture through teaching and Chinese festivals
Teacher Yanxia Huang
  • Graduate of Guang Zhou University, School of Economics - Accounting 1992
  • Awarded Diploma for International Teacher of Advanced Han Yu, 2013
  • Taught at Institute of Han Yu Learning for Expatriates
  • Lived in Portland, Oregon since 2015
  • Started teaching at Yu Miao since November 2016
  • Objectives: Helping children to build up their reading skill, through fun and creative activities, and to introduce children to Chinese classics, poetry and idiom, so that they will appreciate the culture and history of China.
Teacher Hueping Yang
  • P2 Teacher Assistant
  • Joined Yu Miao in October 2008
  • Obtained Certificate in Preschool Education at Guangzhou Vocational College
  • Assists in classroom set-up, snack preparation, and teaching materials
  • Enthusiastic, patient, responsible
  • Fluent in Mandarin, and Cantonese
  • Plans in the upcoming year
    • - Do her best to provide assistance to other teachers
Teacher Feng Lian Luo
  • Studied Preschool Education and graduated from Guangzhou Teachers College
  • Taught preschoolers ( ages 3 -6 ) for 30 years in China
  • Specialty: Teaching numbers and quick mathematics through fun games
  • Joined Yu Miao in 2015
  • Fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Projected goal in teaching: To create a good environment for all students to enjoy learning.
Teacher Xiuxia Tan
  • Graduate of Beijing University School of Economics, Business Accounting 1989
  • Certificate in Han Yu Teaching, Confucius Institute PSU 2011
  • Curriculum Training Seminar, Zhong Shan University 2011
  • Childhood Care and Education Step 6 of the Oregon Registry
  • Taught at Chinese American International School 2013 -2017
  • Started teaching at Yu Miao since August 2017
Teacher Lei Yang
  • Graduate of Jilin International Language And Culture Institute, 2002
  • Taught at Daqiao Foreign Language School, as bilingual teacher 2002 -2017
  • Began teaching at Yu Miao since January 2018
  • Objectives: To study and understand my students so that I will be able to meet their needs and to give them my help to the best of my capacity.
Teacher Xueli An
  • Graduate of Zhangjiang Normal University in Guangdong, China, 1985
  • Taught at North West Chinese School, Portland 2011 -2013
  • Taught at Hope Chinese School, Portland 2013 -2016
  • Started teaching at Yu Miao since August 2016
  • Objectives : To instruct through creativity and diversity, to lead by example and hard work, and to nurture through truthfulness and compassion.