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Yu Miao Chinese Immersion Preschool - Our Commitment

Academics & True Immersion

What we are committed to achieve as educators

First of all we are dedicated as a bi-lingual preschool which means we will enable our students to learn in both the Chinese (Mandarin) and the English language.

Since its inception 13 years ago Yu Miao has been one of the pioneering learning centers in Metro Portland where Chinese cultures and Chinese values are made to form the main frame of our philosophy and practices. We took it as our duty and our joy to help building a sustainable and influential future for Chinese education here in this multicultural nation.

The two-fold purposes of Yu Miao are:
  1. Preparing young children to love and to embrace the Chinese language as well as Chinese cultures and customs.

  2. Enabling young children to grow and to excel through an integrated program that includes moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic training.

We will work towards these purposes by following these three-fold objectives:
  1. Constant updating and upgrading the professional skills and quality of all our personnel through on the job training, workshops, research, consultation and periodic assessment.

  2. Setting learning goals for our students so that they may be able to listen, speak and interact with one another in the Chinese language by the time they graduate from Yu Miao.

  3. Discovering and cultivating all aspects of the potentials and gifts of our students through special classes in Gong-Fu, dancing, art and crafts, singing, etc.

With hard work and clear vision we at Yu Miao look forward to a fulfilling relationship with all our parents and students alike.

State Standards

In 2008, Yu Miao was certified by the State as the Daycare Center in Portland Metropolitan area that offers Chinese Immersion Pre-School for children from age 3-5.

Typical Day

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