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Cancer is the leading cause of death for Asian American women, with breast cancer being the most commonly diagnosed, with a rising incidence rate faster among Asian American women compared to Caucasian Americans. Oregon Health & Science University School of Nursing Professor Dr. Frances Lee-Lin, alongside with culturally competent leaders of Asian Health & Service Center work together in gathering research in this intervention study to develop and test a theoretically tailored, culturally appropriate educational intervention to increase mammography cancer screening in Chinese American Women, and ultimately reduce the health outcomes disparity of Asian Americans. Early detection requires regular mammography screenings, but there are cultural barriers to receiving those screenings Chinese American Women (Asian American women still have the lowest mammography screening rates in the U.S.). This study identifies cultural, social, and financial barriers to regular mammography screenings for Chinese American Women. The results of this intervention study, designed to increase mammography screening behavior in Chinese American Women, may be modified for other Asian subgroups (e.g. Vietnamese Americans, and Korean Americans) to improve mammography screening, therefore, reducing breast cancer disparity among Asian Americans as a whole.

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