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AHSC Volunteers Make a Difference

Volunteers are a valued and very important part of the AHSC community. Together with our staff, they provide support benefitting thousands of community members each year. Volunteers truly embody the love and kindness that makes AHSC a very special place. 

Volunteer Opportunities

AHSC offers volunteers meaningful ways to give back while developing skills in a professional setting. People of all ages, from students to older adults, find rewarding volunteer opportunities at AHSC. 

Current AHSC Volunteer Positions

AHSC is in need of volunteers to support our nutrition program, which provides ethnic meals to older adults during our weekly meetings. Specifically, we need volunteers to serve food and help with clean-up. If you are interested in volunteering for this program, please call 503-772-5888 or email .

Regular AHSC Volunteer Opportunities

While we welcome volunteers of various backgrounds, AHSC especially needs bicultural and bilingual volunteers to support our programs and services for members of the Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean and Vietnamese communities. Volunteers are needed for a wide array of programs and tasks, including:  

Supporting our onsite Ethnic Meals Program for older adults.

Providing interpretation at AHSC clinics, as well as translation assistance for a variety of written materials including public health education training manuals.

Providing emotional support and assistance to Asian cancer patients and their family members. We especially need bilingual, bicultural volunteers who have lived experience with cancer. We also work with nursing volunteers and interns who help deliver clinical services onsite to patients.

Supporting AHSC staff with a variety of special projects and tasks around the office. 

Volunteers are also needed to support our language specific wellness groups and social activities for older adults, including ping pong, arts and crafts, going on outings, and more. 

Assistance with celebrations and special events, including AHSC’s Annual Conference Dinner, Annual Community Member Luncheon, and Annual Health Fair. Volunteers are needed for both behind the scenes and day of event support. AHSC’s Annual Health Fair is supported by many volunteer medical professionals who help deliver health screenings to attendees. 

Please watch this page or contact us directly for more information about volunteering at AHSC. 

Fill out a volunteer application form here. For more information, please call 503-772-5888 or email .