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About AHSC
"When I first emigrant to the U.S., everything were so unfamiliar and I needed to try very hard to adapt to the new life. But ever since I join the activities at the Asian Health & Service Center, my eyes are opened again! I am learning new things every week, I enjoy meeting new friends, and I am getting healthy."
-Bai, Xuewei

"Asian Health & Service Center is the place when we seek help, is the place to gain knowledge, is the place to find joy and peace, and is the place when we need comfort. It makes me feel warm and delightful. Asian Health & Service Center is our Home!"
- Wu, Borong

"We would like to give our thanks to the Asian Health & Service Center as we have been so enjoying participating the activities they provide. Thou they are not blood-related to us, we feel that they are closer than our families. We would like to pass our joy and share this love with our neighbors that we have found our home here at the Asian Health & Service Center."
-Seniors from 21st apartment

Thank You Letter 1 ( Chinese )
Thank You Letter 2 ( English )
Thank You Letter 3 ( Korean )
Thank You Letter 4 ( Vietnamese )