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Roadmap to New Horizon

In the U.S. and Oregon, the Asian and Pacific Islander (API) population is growing rapidly. Little is known about the health status of the API population. Even less is known about the health of different Asian ethnic communities, such as Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese groups. To date, few studies have investigated the diverse factors that impact health-related practices and preferences for members of different Asian communities.

The Roadmap to the New Horizon: Linking Asians to Improved Health and Wellness study was conducted by the AHSC to understand the health concerns and barriers to primary care services and health promotion programs for members of the Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese communities living in Washington and Multnomah Counties in Oregon. The study also aimed to identify the current health practices and preferences of these communities and how they may differ from one another. Data collected in this study will inform the development of culturally-tailored health programs and will be used to improve delivery of health services for members of these communities.

Finally, these communities provide a diverse array of cultural beliefs and practices, social positions and levels of acculturation, all characteristics associated with health status and access to health services.

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