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AHSC Current Awards

YearName of Award
2018Received "CRE Transformer Award" presented by Portland Business Journal.
2017Received "Safety-Net Champion" presented by Coalition of Community Health Clinics (CCHC).
2012Received "Exemplary Community Volunteer Effort" presented by Asian Reporter
2012Received "Citizen's Award" presented by Chinese American Citizens Alliance
2012Received "Community Partner Grantee Award" presented by Susan G. Komen for the Cure Oregon & Washington.
2010Received "Census Prod Partner Award" presented by U.S Census
2010Received "Community Service Leadership" presented by Department of Treasury Internal Revenue Services, recognition and appreciation of outstanding effort, dedication and personal contribution in building stronger workplace & communities throughout this great nation.
2010Received "NCNM Compassionate Leadership & dedicated in establishing a community Clinic" Recognition by National College of Natural Medicine- the America's oldest accredited natural medicine college.
2010Received "Cultural Leadership Award" presented by the Office of Health Kids of Oregon Health Authority
2008Received "Community Partnership Excellence" Recognition presented by NW Oregon Health Preparedness Organization.
2008Received "Media & Promotion Award" by Oregon Partnership to Immunize Children.
2006Received "Community Clinic Partner" Recognition presented by National College of Natural Medicine, Portland Oregon; to honor AHSC commitment to NCNM's mission of training and education physicians & practitioners in the art and science of Natural Medicine.
2006Received "Chair Partnership Award" presented by Multnomah County
2006Received "Recognition in helping to develop a Cultural Specific Emergency Preparedness Assessment presented by Multnomah County OEM & the NW Oregon Health Preparedness Organization.
2006Received "Public Health Hero Award" presented by Multnomah County Health Department
2005Received "Model Program Award" presented by Oregon Partnership to Immunize Children