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Asian Health & Service Center Legacy Fund

Dear friends,

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we were forced to close the Center and our various programs have to be shut down. We realized that our members have to face isolation, fear and mental health challenges. We have started a new intervention service: COVID-19 Asian Response Team [CART]. We made outreach through direct phone calls, flyers, mails and email, making around 3000 contacts each month. With the cessation of our lunch meal program, we have changed to food and grocery bags delivery. With these deliveries, we also send out information on health issues such as vaccination. We have conducted 4 vaccination clinics at the Center, fully vaccinated more than 1000 people. We also reached out to our members in getting vaccination in other facilities.

There has been an increase in Asian hate crimes. Our Anti-Asian Hate Crime Project aims at addressing and reducing trauma. We educate and give guidance in making reports, assist and connect to needed resources. A lot of people have faced mental health crisis since the beginning of the pandemic. Our COVID-19 Community Counseling Program [CCCP] provides 5 free sessions of crisis counseling. Our mental Health Clinic had also remained open to patients.

It has been a challenging time! However, with our dedicated staff under the leadership of our CEO, Holden Leung and with the full support from our board of directors, the Center was able to evolve and change with the changing environment. We realize that being a non-profit organization, we are greatly affected by changes in the social and economic environment. In order to sustain and support the future development of the Center, we have to build up reserve. We are now setting up the Asian Health & Service Center Legacy Fund with an initial goal of one million dollars. I hope you will join us in this fund-raising campaign and contribute to the Center’s future. It will ensure that we can continue to deliver the much-needed services to our Asian community. Please continue your legacy by contributing to our Legacy Fund.

Moments before sending this letter, a donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, stepped forward with a $100,000 MATCHING GRANT challenge. Your Gift + Match=Double the Legacy.

I thank you in advance for your generous support!

Happy Holidays!

Anita Chan MD
Board of directors
Asian Health & Service Center

For your donation to support the Asian Health & Service Center Legacy Fund, please use one of the following ways:

1. Give online here or at

2. Write a check payable to Asian Health and Service Center. Mail it to 9035 SE Foster Road, Portland OR 97266;

3. Email to [email protected] and our designated staff will assist you;

4. Call our designated number at 503-772-5885, our staff will assist you

AHSC also relies on volunteers to carry out its big events, including the annual fundraising dinner, the Asian Community Health Fair and cultural holiday activities.