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Continuum of Care

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AHSC’s Continuum of Care: A Message from CEO Holden Leung

Asian Health & Service Center is rooted in a holistic, integrated model of care—an innovative blend of language and culturally specific Physical and Mental Health Services, Public Health and Wellness Programs, and Community Engagement opportunities for the Portland Metro region’s growing Asian population. 

Throughout more than 30 years of service, ASHC has grown and adapted continually to meet the changing needs of our community. We did so again in March 2020. With in-person services halted due to COVID-19, AHSC deployed COVID-19 Asian Response Teams (CARTS) to respond to the needs of especially vulnerable community members—older, isolated adults who do not consider English their first language. 

What started as an emergency became an opportunity. The successful outreach program will become a sustained part of AHSC’s program, and our longstanding Integrated and Holistic Services model has evolved to include remote as well as on-site services. The Continuum of Care allows for any of AHSC’s programs and services to be an entry point, whether through an outreach call, a doctor’s referral, or a social visit to dance, eat, paint, or play at our facilities. 

— Holden Leung 
Chief Executive Officer

Most importantly, every part of the Continuum of Care is integral to the end results we achieve: a healthier community, with better access to care, delivered at a lower overall cost. 

Thank you for supporting the work of AHSC. 


Holden Leung