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Health Education

Public Health Education and Outreach 

AHSC staff provide culturally and linguistically specific public health education and outreach in five languages. We pursue this work with the goal of increasing health equity and reducing health disparities for the Portland Metro region’s Asian community. 

AHSC Receives OHA Health Equity Grant 

AHSC is one of 147 community organizations to receive 2022 Health Equity grant funding from the Oregon Health Authority. Grant funds will build capacity of AHSC staff to provide culturally and linguistically responsive public health, education and outreach in key areas impacting community health: Screenwise to promote regular breast and cervical cancer screenings; tobacco education, prevention and cessation; and communicable disease, emergency preparedness, and environmental health and climate change. Follow AHSC on social media and watch this website for programming updates in these important areas of community health.

  • Commercial Tobacco Prevention: Provide culturally and linguistically specific engagement, outreach and education activities to promote individuals and families in the local Asian communities to engage in discussions around commercial tobacco use and prevention. Connect with culturally specific cessation resources.
  • Environmental Public Health and Climate Change, Communicable Disease Prevention, and Emergency Preparedness: Provide culturally and linguistically specific engagement, outreach and education, including access to language specific information and resources in the areas of communicable disease, emergency preparedness, environmental health, and climate change.


Health Education Courses

Within the Portland Metro region, AHSC provides much-needed and unduplicated support for non-English speakers, including evidence-based Health Education Courses offered in Cantonese, Korean, Mandarin, and Vietnamese. Topics include:

  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions
  • Chronic Pain Self-management
  • Diabetes Self-management
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers

AHSC’s health education classes empower seniors to adopt healthy behaviors, improve health status, and better manage chronic conditions.