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Anti-Asian Hate Project

Anti-Asian Hate Crime Project

AHSC is standing up to racism alongside our community partners, elected officials, and community members in the face of Asian hate crimes that have increased across the nation. 

Our work aims to ensure all Asian community members feel safe and supported. If you feel anxiety, anger, or stress related to the increase in Anti-Asian violence during the COVID-19 pandemic, contact us.

Short-term, confidential and FREE phone support is available to anyone, whether you have insurance or not. Please reach out. Staff can help you identify coping strategies, connect you to needed resources, and help you file a report if you have been a victim.

Phone support is available in the language of your choice.

AHSC Hosts Roundtable on Anti-Asian Hate Crimes

As hate crimes toward Asians surged during the COVID-19 pandemic, AHSC united with  community leaders to discuss and condemn the increase in violence at a Spring 2021 roundtable discussion. Participants included Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and leaders of the Asian and Pacific Islander community. (Left) AHSC Chief Executive Officer Holden Leung takes the temperature of U.S. Senator Ron Wyden as he arrives for the Roundtable. (Right) AHSC Board Chair Dr. Erik Szeto and Senator Ron Wyden pose for a photo in front of the AHSC’s wall of history.