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AHSC has a state-certified outpatient behavioral health clinic specializing in serving the Asian community. Clinical services are provided by a team of bilingual professionals and contracted psychiatrists. Clients may also access onsite, low-cost naturopathic clinic and Chinese Medicine clinics weekly.

Chinese Medicine Clinic

AHSC started and co-organized Chinese Medicine Clinic with National College of Naturopathic Medicine in January 2004. Our clinic hours are every Monday from 12pm-4pm and every Thursday from 1pm-5pm. Each patient can call in to make an appointment and check in for 1 hour of diagnose and treatment. Treatments available include a full service of Classic Chinese Pulse, Tongue Diagnosis, Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy and Cupping Treatment.

Dr. Xiao Li Chen (Monday clinic)

Dr. Chen is a visiting scholar and faculty member of the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NCNM. Previously, she was an associate professor and vice-chief physician at the Tradition Chinese Medicine School of Chengdu University of Sichuan, China for 20 years.

Dr. Brenda Hood (Thursday clinic)

Dr. Hood is an Assistant Professor of the School of Classical Chinese Medicine at NCNM. She attained a PhD degree from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China in 2006 and then completed post-doctoral research at the Guang Zhou Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Meet OHP Criteria
Government Low-Income Level
Regular Rate
Treatment$15Initial $40
Follow up $20

Please call for appointment: (503)872-8822 ext. 200

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