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Image of artists at AHSC Arts Bridge: Harmony

Arts Bridge:

Connection and Community Through Art

Arts Bridge, a new program of AHSC, aims to bring diverse communities together through appreciation of art. Please watch this page for news of current and upcoming Arts Bridge events.

Current and Upcoming Events

Harmony Through Art: AHSC – Oregon Chinese Artist Association Collaborate for Summer Art Exhibition

In the spirit of building a harmonious community, AHSC is partnering with the Oregon Chinese Artist Association (OCAA) to offer a special art exhibition this summer: Arts Bridge Community Presentation

For two months, between June 24 and August 26 (every Thursday and Friday from 10 am to 4 pm), AHSC invites people to visit this special exhibit showcasing the work of Chinese artists. The exhibit is located on the third floor of AHSC’s main center, at 9035 SE Foster Road, in Portland.

“After two years of social distancing, this exhibition is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones,” says AHSC Chief Executive Officer Holden Leung. “This is part of our work to build harmony among different communities.” Over 60 works of art by local Chinese artists will be on display, from oil painting to charcoal drawings, from watercolors to calligraphy.

Many thanks to CareOregon for sponsorship of this event. Tickets to Arts Bridge are free but must be reserved online or by phone. See event details below.

Event Details

Title of the Exhibition: Harmony 和 谐

Curators: Tie Li, David E., Limei Lai, Steve Chen, Shi Mei & Holden Leung

Show Location:
Asian Health & Service Center, 3rd floor
9035 SE Foster Road
Portland, OR 97266

RSVP: Online or by phone at 503-872-8822

Artists Meet Up Sessions

時間: 7月21日到 8月26日 週四上午10點至12

Date and time: July 21st to August 26th every Thursday 10am to 12pm

  • 7月21陳文仕 – 木版畫(廣東話)
  • 7月28蘇磊 – 當代影視創作(中英雙語)
  • 8月4汪文 – 工筆劃(普通話)
  • 8月11李鐵 – 人物素描速寫(中英雙語)
  • 8月18王星 – 書法(普通話)
  • 8月25梅石 – 當代油畫(普通話)
  • July 21st Steve Wenshi Chan – Wood block printing (Cantonese presentation)
  • July 28th Lei Su – Contemporary film making (Mandarin and English presentation )
  • August 4th Wen Wang – Gongbi Hua (Mandarin presentation)
  • August 11th Tie Li – Figure drawing and sketch (Mandarin and English presentation )
  • August 18th Xing Wang – Calligraphy (Mandarin presentation)
  • August 25th Shi Mei – Contemporary Oil Painting (Mandarin presentation)

RSVP link:
Jing Qiang 

Steve Wenshi Chan — Wood Block Printing: July 21, 2022

Image of artists showing woodblock art
Image of artists demonstrating woodblock art

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